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Establishing a Company in Turkish Free Zones in the Most Detailed, Comprehensible, and Straightforward Manner

Principles of establishing a company and performing activities in Turkish freezone regulated in Free Zones Law No. 3218, Implementing Regulation of Free Zone, and Notices of Directorate General of Free Zone.

Free zone model aiming promoting export-oriented investment and production, accelerating foreign direct investment and technology access, directing enterprises towards export, and developing international trade.

Public institutions and organizations and all individuals and legal entities regardless of whether local or foreign can perform activities and establish companies in Turkish free zone. Also, in those areas there is no differentiation in terms of local and foreign funds and exemptions and incentives provided.

In the map below you can find the places of 18 free zones in Türkiye (Turkey) which become operational since 1985.



There are two types of user statuses in free zones as investor and tenant. You can reach 2024 sale/rent rates for free zones from this link.

Not being limited to the following, as an investor/manufacturer you can perform activities such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Research and Development (R&D)
  • Software
  • General trading
  • Storing
  • Packing
  • Banking and insurance
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Maintenance services

Conditions for Establishing a Company and Performing Activity in Turkish Free Zones

  1. Activities of the free zone can be conducted by companies established either as a branch or with a registered address in the free zone.
  2. Articles of incorporation should be prepared appropriately according to the Evaluation of Operating License Applications, Branch, Company with Branch Address Notice 1998/4 No.
  • You can always seek our legal support while you are preparing your company’s articles of incorporation in case you do not prepare it in an erroneous and irreversible manner and facilitate the process.
  1. Investors and/or manufacturers should obtain an operating license.

Operating License Application Procedure


After all these procedures completed articles of incorporation,

operating license application form and its annexes should be

sent to the General Directorate of the Free Zone.


Laws listed below will NOT be applied to free zones:

  • Regulations for custom and foreign exchange taxpayer
  • Law No. 4817 on Work Permits of Foreigners
  • Law No. 4875 on Direct Foreign Investments
  • Provisions of Law No. 5393 on Municipalities, excluding those related to death and fire incidents, sewer construction and repair, and the provisions regarding the supply of drinking, utility, and industrial water, as well as the supervision of gas, water, and electricity consumption
  • Passport Law No. 5682
  • Law No. 5683 on the Residence and Travel of Foreigners in Turkey
  • Provisions of other laws that contradict the Free Zones Law
  • Public Procurement Law No. 2886

Advantages of Turkish Free Zones

Establishing a company and performing activities in Turkish freezone has even more advantages than you might anticipate. You can find the incredible advantages offered by free zones listed below. For more detailed information, you can click on the link.

  1. Opportunity to Benefit from Tax Advantages
  2. Opportunity of Medium and Long Term Planning
  3. Opportunity to Transfer Profits
  4. Facilitation of Foreign Trade
  5. Trade Facility Free from Customs Duty Procedure
  6. Easy Access to EU Countries
  7. Equal Treatment
  8. No Time Limitation
  9. Managing Trade Activities According to Market Demands and Conditions
  10. Inflation Accounting Opportunity
  11. Access to Domestic and Foreign Markets
  12. Reduced Bureaucratic Procedures and Dynamic Management
  13. Strategic Location
  14. Competitive Infrastructure Standards
  15. Supply Chain Management

Statistics by Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Türkiye (Turkey)

Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Türkiye (Turkey) shares incredible detailed tables about breakdown of free zone operation licenses, changes in and breakdown of free zone operation licenses, annual trade volumes of free zones, annual trade volumes of free zones, directional changes in total trade volume, directional changes in total trade volume, breakdown of the trade volume of Turkish free zones by country grouping, breakdown of the trade volume of Turkish free zones by sectors, and employment structure of free zones.

It should be emphasized that, for your information and to conduct a more predictable and accurate operation, we strongly recommend examining the relevant tables before initiating the activity.

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If you are considering establishing a company and operating in the free zones of Türkiye (Turkey) or have already initiated the relevant procedure but seek more information about the procedure and its aftermath, wishing to complete the procedure flawlessly and smoothly without any errors, and aiming to avoid any legal disputes or mistakes, you can always benefit from the experience and efficiency of the Tercan Legal Law Firm team. Please always feel free to seek legal support from us.

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