Acquisition of Citizenship at Birth

Acquisition of Turkish citizenship is regulated in two ways: at birth or by later acquisition. Turkey has not adopted the right to acquire citizenship based on birthplace. Therefore, being born in Turkey will not provide any right in terms of citizenship. Citizenship at birth is based on kinship. A person may be a Turkish citizen at birth only if one of his/her parents is a Turkish citizen. Child of a Turkish mother or father is automatically a Turkish citizen. However, adults whose mother and/or father is a Turkish citizen but who were not registered to a civil registry office until they turn 18 may be registered as a Turkish citizen if it is decided by the Ministry upon an examination that they have acquired Turkish citizenship

Later Acquisition

If you fulfill the requirements specified in Turkish Citizenship Law, you can ac quire Turkish Citizenship upon the decision of the relevant authority. However, the fact that you fulfill the requirements stated does not provide an absolute entitlement to citizenship

‣ You can apply for Turkish citizenship if you reside in Turkey with a stateless person identity document or as a resident for 5 years without interruption. However, additional conditions such as a good command of Turkish, good morals and not being diagnosed with a disease that may constitute hazard to general health are also sought.

‣ If you are married to a Turkish citizen for at least 3 years and your marriage is sustaining, you can apply for Turkish citizenship. If your spouse dies after your application, the requirement of unity of family is not sought any more.

‣ Turkish Citizenship Law also contains provisions about acquisition of exceptional citizenship (through investment).

Foreigners who are confirmed to have invested a fixed capital of minimum USD 500,000 by the Ministry of Industry and Technology,

‣ Foreigners who are confirmed to have purchased real estate worth minimum USD 400,000 or promised to purchase a real estate with floor ownership or floor easement corresponding to a minimum USD 400,000 or same amount equivalent to Turkish Lira with a sale contract certified by notary public and annotation of refusal of sale for three years added to the records of the title deed registry by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization,

‣ Foreigners who are confirmed to have created employment for at least 50 people by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services,

‣ Foreigners who are confirmed to have deposited minimum USD 500,000 or an equivalent of the same to Turkish Lira in a bank that operates in Turkey by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency provided that it will be kept in the account for three years,

‣ Foreigners who are confirmed to have purchased and held for three years real estate investment fund participation shares or venture capital investment fund participation shares worth minimum USD 500,000 by Capital Markets Board,

‣ Foreigners who are confirmed to have purchased state borrowing instruments worth minimum USD 500,000 on the condition of holding them for three years by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, may apply for exceptional Turkish citizenship

Provided that you do not pose any threat to national security and public order, you may acquire Turkish citizenship upon the proposal of the Ministry of the Interior and the decision of the Presidency.

For further information about application for citizenship, how to apply and who may be granted exceptional citizenship, you can call our law firm.

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